Pinole Fire Station 74

Fire Chief Magazine

Notable Design Award Winner

When Pinole Fire Department asked the Architects who had been designing fire stations in Contra Costa County to submit proposals for building a $1.6 fire station, they refused, saying that's not enough money. Pinole hired Hilliard Architects whose Station 74 came in on their budget.

Cost Efficient Strategies

  • Efficient room layout kept the building smaller than most stations while still providing all required functions.
  • Simple structural framing, with careful inclusion of wood shear walls kept this structure "moment-steel free", keeping costs down.
  • Simple finishes, including integral color concrete for floors kept costs down. Owner added carpet in some areas with unspent contingency
  • Daylight was carefully provided at  maintenance benches where firefighters repair and maintain their emergency services equipment.
  • Solar tubes similar to skylights bring light into interior areas to conserve energy.
  • Simple residential design helped foster neighborhood support for the new station in this rural residential area.

Project Photos