Forest Service Building

Building R5 Exterior Investigation and Study

When the 50-year old building began showing signs of concrete spalling and exterior degradation, the owner became concerned. Repairs would need to match a unique concrete lava rock aggregate surface. In addition, locating points of failure along a tall façade typically requires either scaffolding the building or hanging window washing type rigging for inspectors to get close to the walls. Instead Hilliard Architects implemented a safer, cheaper solution: a remote controlled drone.

We captured video of the entire building surface, creating a visual map and index of damaged areas. Our deliverable was a comprehensive report that located cracking / spalling / rusted rebar and provided specifications for patching concrete, and a construction cost estimate. 

Our client believed that the clarity of the report would translate into a tight set of bids for the repair work. 

Project Photos

man with drone outside buildingman with drone outside building
building exterior broken building exterior broken
man flying drone outside buiildingman flying drone outside buiilding