Relocation and Expansion of Departments in Medical Office Building

Floor plan and renderingsFloor plan and renderings

Hilliard interior elevation with renderings shows builders what they are building.

Builders say they appreciate the photo-like renderings on our elevation drawings because they can see at a glance what they’re going to build.

Patients visit the Sleep Services Clinic of this busy northern California medical facility for diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

They begin by being evaluated in Sleep Medicine to determine whether they are positive or negative for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Diagnosis and treatment may include an outpatient sleep study and visits with a respiratory therapist and a sleep physician. Hilliard Architect’s task was to design seven CPAP and respiratory therapist offices, a break room for hardworking professionals, and small, but essential, utility/storage room.

Our Design Process 

Our client needed to create a venue for the delivery of services from space that had previously been occupied by two other specialty areas—and make the most effective use possible of nearly 1800 square feet of space. In particular, the clinic administrator’s goal was to improve the efficiency of daily operations through creatively planned workflow, adjacencies, and access.
Typically, Hilliard starts a medical office redesign project by visualizing the patient experience from registration to departure. Patients in need of help with sleep problems require a therapeutic environment that is as non-stressful as possible. We believed that clean lines of sight and a careful choice of colors would feel welcoming and would simplify wayfinding.

A key aspect in an otherwise plain clinic space was flooring—specifically Nora® Satura Norament® resilient rubber floors by Interface. Esthetically pleasing, with a tone-in-tone granularity, Satura flooring is well suited to high-traffic areas like medical office corridors. And its palette of subtle neutrals and vibrant accent colors allowed us to create an inviting yet soothing four-color design.
To model the project, we used building information modeling (Revit) and Enscape to render the design and create a virtual walk-through of the facility. This aspect of the process allowed our client to make confident design decisions.
Office in medical buildingOffice in medical building

Project Renderings

Medical Building RenderingMedical Building Rendering
Medical Building RenderingMedical Building Rendering
Medical Building RenderingMedical Building Rendering