Healthcare Clinic Refresh

This busy northern California multispeciality clinic delivers a range of health services, including acupuncture pediatrics.

Our client wanted to refresh the entire facility—lighting, window treatments, furniture, casework, signage, paint—according to company design standards. Also on the menu: creating a soothing, healing, and welcoming environment.

Our Design Process

We started by imagining the patient experience from beginning to end. Clearly, the materials, colors, and finishes we chose could ease stress as patients registered, navigated to a treatment area, and underwent a procedure.  

We used building information modeling (Revit) to model the project and Enscape to render the design and create a virtual walk-through of the facility. This aspect of the process allowed our client to make confident design decisions. We used Photoshop for client presentations. And we photographed samples of the finishes we proposed to help client more easily visualize the end product.  
Using existing elements 
A major challenge we faced was what to do with the two tall, thin columns in the lobby. As structural elements, they could not be removed. Our solution was to turn them into art—specifically, two-story murals of a redwood forest by a talented local artist—that looked and felt close to life size. And, equally important, worked well in a high-traffic area.   

The Results 

Patients, staff, and visitors have all commented favorably on the upgraded clinic. The murals, in particular, have been well received.   

Project Photos